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At Suresh R. Nayak M.D., Inc., we specialize in non-surgical weight loss programs specifically designed for women. From personalized diet plans to follow-up care to one-on-one consultations, we work with individuals in all seasons of life to equip them with the tools necessary to find renewed health and vitality through weight loss. Many of our clients are women who need to lose weight in order to support a healthy pregnancy, are currently pregnant, or are facing the reality of postnatal weight gain. We understand that women in this season of life are in need of individualized care due to the unique challenges they face. Our staff of medical professionals has a proven track record of helping patients achieve their health goals.

We specialize in medical weight loss in San Jose, CA. Our health care center offers a variety of resources, programs, and options for every client who walks through our doors. We’ll sit down with you to determine a personalized plan of action based on your unique goals, and we’ll be there beside you through every step of the process. Weight loss can be frustrating and nonlinear, particularly if you’re dealing with new challenges related to fertility, pregnancy, and childcare in your life as well. Why try to “go it alone” when you can benefit from the support of our caring and health-conscious team?

Find success with our proven weight loss program. Our methods are based in both the latest research and time-tested wisdom. We strive to help our clients avoid surgery and other extreme measures by finding a sustainable lifestyle change that will support the demands placed on the body by pregnancy, nursing, and motherhood. Health and weight loss IS possible for you and we can help you discover it through our programs.

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